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PlumPets Wish List

PlumPets Wish List

Below is a list of things the shelter needs on a regular basis, we appreciate donations in any shape or form. If you’re looking to help out, please have a look at the list to see where assistance is needed:

– Airtime for the shelter cellphone (any amount), MTN, number: 0836413535

– Sunlight Auto machine liquid (The one for automatic washing machines)

– Any cash donations: PlumPets has many many medical bills, dog walker and cleaner salaries, hydrotherapy bills and behaviorist bills to pay. Therefore cash donations are greatly needed and appreciated.

– Calming goodies – Calmeze tablets for dogs and Calmeze gel for cats.

– Calming collars – our cats and dogs who are over anxious/frightened are fitted with calming collars which release pheromones which are supposed to calm the animal.

– Poop bags

– Liverspread. Why? It’s a great and easy way to give the dogs medication.

– Wood litter for the cats litter trays. Why? We have over 60 cats/kittens at the shelter and in foster care and all use the wood litter.

– Baby monitors (2nd hand is fine) to monitor the various rooms.

– Cages/crates (large sizes and functional).

– Doggabone sponsorship –  Gigi and Kora are both on this food at the moment. Its costs about R12  per roll. To sponsor Gigi’s food for one month would cost approximately R360 and to sponsor Kora’s food for one month would cost approximately R180.

– Wood/bark chips. Why?The garden is the one place our strays can feel safe, comfortable and get all their energy out with their friends. Wood/bark chips are safe and sustainable for the garden.

– Pruning of the large perimeter trees.

– Hound Sleepers/Coolaroos. Why? Our Hound Sleepers and Coolaroos are on their last legs and our strays need a place to relax and unwind in the garden and at adoption days. These beds really are amazing but unfortunately with the amount of dogs that use them at our shelter, we’re always needing new ones.

– Old Sleeping Bags: At our bi-monthly Adoption Days, our puppies and adult dogs love to relax on a comfy surface, chill out and have stick eating competitions while making new friends and meeting prospective owners.

– Seashell Sandpits: During the summer months, our dogs LOVE a place to cool down and take a dip while they’re in the garden. The plastic seashell sandpits work perfectly as they’re shallow and easy to clean. If anyone has an old one they’re not using, we would love to give our dogs something special to enjoy.

– Leads, collars and harnesses: With ever growing puppies, new arrivals and general wear-and-tear, PlumPets is always looking for donations of good quality leads, collars and harnesses for our furry friends. These are essential to our PlumPets daily walks and adventures in the big outside world.

Donations can be dropped off at the shelter anytime during opening hours!

If you’d like to offer monetary donations, please have a look at our donations page:

Prospur Centre
Cnr Basil & Churchill Rds

Tel: 082 321 3135


Kittens, kittens, and more kittens!

Kittens, kittens, and more kittens!

As it is kitten season, PlumPets has a bunch of new arrivals waiting to find their forever homes!

If you’re looking to adopt a little one, here are their pictures for you to look through.

If you’d like to arrange a viewing, contact us to set one up 🙂

They have yet to be named, but aren’t they just the cutest?!

calico kittenblack and brown kittten grey and white kitten grey kitten ginger kitten grey kitten Brown and black kitten