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PlumPets’ passion for the care, rehabilitation and re-homing of strays has seen the organisation grow into a 7-day-a-week commitment with considerable financial implications. All of this is funded by Paulette and Duncan.

PlumPets gives their strays the best care possible to heal them and make them feel loved and comfortable.This is very important, but at the same time comes with significant financial responsibilities.

We’ve compiled a wish list of everything we use on a daily basis and things we are in desperate need of. Any item or donation towards it, big or small, will make a huge difference!

  • Essential equipment, including, hospital cages, dog & cat beds, collapsible transport cages, dog harnesses, leads and collars, cat litter, newspaper, blankets, hound sleepers and medication.
  • A gazebo for adoption days, pull-up banners to promote the adoption days and the work our orginasation does.
  • An outdoor water feature for the area where the dogs spend time during the hot Cape Town summers. This will serve as a calming and cooling feature in our garden and doggy play area.
  • A roof for the outdoor area in front of the kennel rooms that gets flooded every time it rains 🙁
  • Currently Paulette and her volunteers transport the animals to adoption days and rehabilitation appointments in an old Opel that is now in a serious state of disrepair. Any donations will also be used towards buying a new vehicle more suited to the task.
  • Funding for the huge amounts of overtime each of Paulette’s team members put in each month, including administrative assistance and medical fees (e.g. behaviorists, hydrotherapy, vets).
  • Installing an automated driveway gate to ensure the safety of the strays when they are outdoors.

PlumPets Bank Details:

Account Name: PlumPets

Bank: Nedbank

Branch: Constantia

Branch Code: 101109

Universal bank code: 198 765 (to use if branch code is not recognised)

Account number: 1055 794 581

Account type: Current

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