About Us

PlumPets animal shelter is a no kill animal organisation, established in 2006 by Paulette Bousfield and Duncan Stevens (veterinarian). Paulette and Duncan, who own Plumstead Animal Hospital in Cape Town, play an important role in caring for the animals owned by the local community. Twelve years on in 2018, and Paulette has rescued and re-homed thousands of rescue dogs and cats. She has taken in some of the worst cases that no other animal welfare organisation would or could, and ensures that each animal brought to her is given the best chance of a healthy, happy life and a new home.

PlumPets use any means necessary to heal and rehabilitate the strays, including specialists, trainers and behaviorists, hydrotherapy, Tellington Touch and an army of volunteers who walk the dogs daily and spend time with the cats. PlumPets also hosts an adoption day every month to raise awareness about the animal shelter and the dogs and cats ready for adoption.

PlumPets relies on the continued support and charity of the public through donations, If you would like to help out, have a look at our wish list or to donate, click here!